It was planned to be a typical Chill day. Kane and Abel. A Comfortable couch. Piping hot Maggi. Limbu Sharbat. Perfect. And by the end of the day, everyone had a chill down their spine.

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Are you…

“Are You….  Lost, Dear? Have you lost दिशा, Disha? asked Rohan. “Stop the jokes. Its damn annoying. And Yes. Terribly.”

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Just ONE more.

Nov 18, 2016. It was Day 2 and I was shamelessly staring at her. To be very honest, I had never worked out before and this was just the first day after a trial session. My trainer put me on a treadmill with a speed of 3 kmph (which is the first machine they put […]

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Agla Station- Andheri

“Are aat chalaa, evdhi zagaa aahe aat madhe” yells a lady dressed in traditional Navvari sari about to get into the 9.06 A.M train to Churchgate. This was at Platform no. 2 at Malad Station, one of the most dreaded place if you want to get into the Mumbai local. All dressed up in a […]

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Something Divine..

So no “Out of town” family trip is complete without a visit to a temple or a famous religious monument. Divine intervention is always something that we seek, in order to go forward on a journey on a positive note. And so here we were at Shreenathji -Nathdwara, on the 3rd day of my trip. (P.S.: I would like […]

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Dear Reader, This is my “First Attempt” to share some Pravachan on Things to do and not to do on a Road trip! I feel its quite essential to have some  background knowledge about the place you are going before packing your bags for the same. But more so I wish I had read someone else’s […]