Just ONE more.

Nov 18, 2016.

It was Day 2 and I was shamelessly staring at her.

To be very honest, I had never worked out before and this was just the first day after a trial session. My trainer put me on a treadmill with a speed of 3 kmph (which is the first machine they put you on with the slowest speed ever) and I was doing OK. With my eyes wide open in disbelief, I was staring at this poster right on the wall in front of me. After 5 minutes of checking her out my mind wandered to all that goes into making this kind of framework. Slowly and steadily the speed turned from 3 to 5 kmph. 10 minutes later my job was done and I had never been this happily exhausted. 

In the following days I got comfortable with a speed of 8-10 kmph and a variety of machines. I loved to do more than what was asked of me. It was all exciting in the beginning but after a point of time boredom started creeping in. I used to get bored within a mere 10 minutes of workout AND was occasionally tempted to just laze around in bed with a book rather than following the whole “get up- get ready- choose the outfit – choose the shoes- pack your bag- find a banana and eat it on the way- 10 mins walk – exercise for about an hour – walk back in 10 mins” routine. Somewhere I was afraid of losing all the motivation I had started with, but since my family updated and motivated me on my transformation status, that kept me going.

I occasionally wondered why the human beside me walked like a tortoise and at times it annoyed me. When the same human tortoise turned into a cheetah at a speed of 12 on the treadmill, my curiosity transformed to wonder. When I was done comparing the no. of calories I burnt with that of my neighbor and satisfied that I was better, I thought of better things. Like ‘What I’ll eat once I get back home’, ‘Who do I catch up with at lunch’ and ‘Why this character in this current novel that I’m reading behaved like this’. Or I prefered to be in my own world of music, imagining how Ranbir and Anushka danced in the Breakup Song or how Malhari was choreographed and made alive by Ranveer.

Dec 10, 2016

Its Day 3 or 4 and its Ranbir I’m listening to now- and my trainer appears out of nowhere -increases the speed from 8 to 9 and suddenly I feel like a dog panting and running for his life . An age old song comes to me. “Fire in the mountain, Run, Run, Run”, but that was still slo-mo running- with friends- for fun- without speed limitations and actual fire anywhere.

Matlabi ho ja Zara matlabi‘ 

– has suddenly become true for me. My trainer is becoming one.

‘Duniya ki sunta Hai Kyu, Khud ki bhi sunle kabhi’

– I’m telling myself. My legs are hurting like crazy and I can barely feel my breath. He signals me to do this for 5 more mins and then I’ll be done. 

‘5 more??? The hell. Its impossible.’ I accept it smiling at him, not willing to say no to him, and also not knowing how to say Yes to myself. Within 3 minutes the heartbeat rate on the treadmill screen is shooting up like crazy. I’ll probably just fall off, you know. 

One minute 50 seconds remain. 75 seconds. 60 seconds. Like ONE minute more. It’s the first time I have realized how long A minute actually is. I’m almost about to give up. But the handsome Ranbeer is creeping into my head somewhere. How can I stop? The song goes on and in one part of my brain I’m visualising Ranbir and Jacqueline (who is also in front of me for motivation) on a red car driving through the lonely, palm lined roads and other part of me is desperate to collapse on the chair which is a few feet behind me. I’m sweating all over. I can feel the sweat trickling down my spine.

‘O O oh oh oh oh’

Finally Sooraj doob gaya and my workout has gladly come to an end.


This whole gym thing has been huge for me, considering: 

1. How much I love eating the most calorific wonders and equally love lazing around. Gym did not exist in my dictionary nor did I ever believe that I needed it or I would be in circumstances where I would need it. (I am a person who would definitely love to live the MasterChef (Australia) life which I feel is the most useful show on earth, that humans have ever produced)

2. Mom has historically followed a “no gym” policy. She says that “Beta, Ghar ka kaam Karlo, bahut hai mere pass..Gym ki zarurat hi nahi padegi.” Point.

When I initiated the benefits of gym, Mom disapproved. I was adamant to go and was convinced about the result even before I had joined. Eventually I lost around 8-10 kgs within 1.5 months through kadi mehnat and parishram and I was no more the Bahubali of my group of friends

The Most KickAss Feeling when “Healthy” Friends express their feelings. 

A sedantary lifestyle for about 3 years, a hectic schedules coupled with unlimited opportunities of eating junk and exploring the so called “new places” had worked its way on my body and I wasn’t liking it. I had not taken enough care of myself and now I had about 2 months or so to get back on track. And so started this journey from “Fatman to Batman” as quoted by a dear friend.

I enrolled for a trial and then followed it by a month long membership coz I knew my heart. Everyone is enthusiastic in the beginning and then as days pass, the enthusiasm dies away, coz gym can get boring. I was quite unsure if I would really like to continue this, coz this was still not ‘My thing’.

Lucky me, I enjoyed it more than I thought. Though my trainer was dumb, he motivated me as if I could do all the awestruck gym feats in a week or so. His actions and Facebook page,both, were quite helpful. 

My mom was still apprehensive about the whole concept. She warned me about gaining double the calories, once I resumed my normal work life. I was like,” Tab ka Tab dekh lenge yaar. Abhi chodo”

My favourites ❤


Sacrifices are essential but not mandatory. I won’t mention how painful it was but I trust you will understand what happens to a ‘Cheese Toast Sandwich’ freak when she cannot binge on it for months.

There is one Jain Sweets and Snacks shop right ON MY WAY to the place of provision of the so called service, which serves the most amazing Pani Puri and Chaat. Only I know how difficult it was to cross that road for those 40 odd days, trying to ignore the existence of that heavenly place. My mouth watered at the thought of Pani Puri and at the sight of strangers who were previleged to consume it.


Watching people with amazing bodies and seeing them perform unbelievable feats, was a passtime. I couldn’t stop myself from staring and the novice would receive a kind smile or wave from the expert. Some would correct me if I was doing some wrong pull up or not breathing correctly. That’s how I have made friends during a workout. Most of the people look out for each other. They consider it to be their untold duty to correct juniors and teach them the right way. Some outrightly intimidate you successfully. 

Of whatever time I have spent, the reception guys usually end up chilling on Facebook the whole time. Every thing is in control in the morning slot- High energy with pumped up songs and all. But when the clock strikes 10 AM, the reception lady usually forgets that it’s a gym and has to continue with the same type of songs. Like the energy has to continue. But no, she thinks it to be her ghar ka playlist playing on her manpasand songs. Taylor Swift songs are a perfect turn off. And she does exactly that. Someone in the end has to politely tell her that “Madam, Kya laga rakha Hai? Kuch badlo na.” She plays Malhari. Cheap Thrills. 

Back to romantic songs. Imagine lifting weights on Meri Ashiqui Ab Tumhi Ho. And all the songs repeat themselves EVERY DAY.

That’s how the Value of Earphones in the regular life of a gym goer increases substantially.


My experience has been a pleasant one as such, but there was this one uncle who creeped me out. He continues to stare and then walks up to me and starts giving out gyaan. First of all, I really hate it when random people come up and give some gyaan. Na jaan na pehchaan, koi bhi uthke Chala aata Hai, gyaan baatne. Even if you want to, atleast ask if the person wants it and then go ahead na. Or share it if you know him. By the time his Gyaan baato karyakram got done I was asking in my head, “Kisine pucha???” 

Im not the kind who will give back if I’m uncomfortable with someone. I’ll ignore him later but I won’t I waste words on him. Or worst situation, I’ll just say a normal “Thank you Uncle” abruptly, when he is catching his breath in the middle of his lecture, and look towards the mirror and continue my workout. ROYAL IGNORE after giving some bhaav (It works). He walks up to me again, 10 mins later to compliment that I am on the right track. And then the volley of unnecesary questions begin like, 

Why I am not with my Personal trainer?

Why I had not enrolled till now? 

Why did I not I enroll for a year?

How by not working out with a Personal trainer I’ll end up making a mess out of myself ( when there are a couple of general trainers standing right next to me). He went on with some more queries, but then I stopped listening. He got it after a couple of minutes and went back. Sometimes its ok, but at times it’s annoying to another level.


June 10, 2017

I am proud to announce the initiation of my Mother into this beautiful world of machines. You see, my transformation had the required effect on her and after her approval, I sent her for a trial. She returned that day after registering for a full freaking year. Lol. Talk about influence.


I have been seeing a couple of school kids lately, learning how to use the Lateral Pull Down machine. Like there are these 2 obese kids, like 7th graders who roam around with their trainer. And that makes me reminesce about my school days. I may be wrong but gym was not a fad then. (I am talking about school days atleast 10 years back) Our workouts used to be the PT sessions that we looked forward to in school and the evening time where we played with friends from the colony. But no one was obese as such. And even if they were, PT was the answer, and not gym. Are today’s kids getting higher grades and raising their fat levels ? And is it worth it?

Doesnt matter if you are FIT or FAT, you are FABULOUS ❤


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