The Bucketlist is here !

This couple has set a beautiful story TOGETHER, like many more couples have. But seeing this picture made me go HAAY KYA BAAT!  Look at the details- the metamorphosis over the years clearly visible, and the existence of the same warmth and affection in a single picture is striking. They even have the same pose! (They are like Hollywood ka Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano)

This just made to my #Goals (as on 31st March 2017)

So this one friend of mine always told me,”Tell me ur wishes, I want to fulfill them!” But I never knew what to tell him then. Now 3 years later I have an approx idea of what I would love to do..(So dear friend of mine, I hope you read this and do the needful, LoL :p)


1. To have an impressive #Throwback picture with my family! (Like the picture above)

{I have never really liked the Britishers in any sense. In fact I have always resented them, in a restricted sense, honestly because of the atyaachar they levied on our ancestors years back, which has been drilled into our heads since school days. But there is one thing I always enjoy, be it anywhere in the world,it is the Royal Family- The legacy, their customs (especially the weddings) and their ways}

2. To have my own Walk in Library– all walls filled with books (wall paint bhi nahi dikhna chiye). I once had a unique chance of visiting a book critique’s home, and I could not believe my eyes. The walls of his room were filled with racks of books from all over the world, his wardrobe had no clothes- only books, and the bed closet (underneath the bed) filled with novels as well. And that’s what made me understand that my dreams can be true, coz there it was,some one else’s dream right in front of me. To summarize:

3. To travel to Egypt [The movie – The Mummy Returns has clearly made it’s impact on my psyche and this is one place I have looked forward to go to since I was 11. But looks like with all the Syrian crisis happening in the neighborhood, probabilities have definitely reduced but my hope has definitely not vanished]

4. To co own a book shop with tons of novels (Work in progress)

5. To create an ecosystem for the sustainable existence of animals and plants.( I have grown up with trees and animals at home and it’s unnatural for me to NOT live with them in the future. People who know me, know how much I LOVE my home and how much I love inviting people home, so I would like to continue to be in this space forever) See my lovely home below.

A sparrow building its nest on the bougainvillea was a lovely sight to watch!

6. To teach professionally (Mom says I talk too much and explain well (only when I understand it well,hahah) so maybe this will always be there)

7. To be ranked the No. 1 Food Reviewer on Zomato. The rank is currently held by Mr. Prithvish Ashar in Mumbai atleast. So I love to hog and recently have discovered my fetish to visit and review new places- this has become a distraction of sorts but I take it as ‘Learning about the best places to dine in Mumbai’ :p 

8. A road trip with my friends to North India- Road trips are lovely and adventurous, and what’s life without some adventure with friends. 

9. Trek with my friends to the mountains – This comes from Ye Jawani Hai Diwani I’ll admit.And the ultimate goal is to successfully complete the Chadar Trek 🙂

10. To watch Harry Potter (again for the 15th time) in HINDI (Plans begun 😄)

11. To visit Rajasthan AGAIN! Yes- I never thought I’d be saying this but the idea of spending a night in the desert beneath the stars is quite appealing to me. Plus I haven’t seen Jaipur and some more places yet! So there is always enough reason to go back :p

Updated – 4th April

12. Be friends with a group of Eunuchs- because I really don’t know what stops us all from making this effort and why no one I know, has one. The inclination is because I feel that we as a society have let them down in ways we don’t even know. It’s time we get together and accept them as a part of society and encourage their growth and well being and also find ways of contributing to the world we live in. It’s a modern day world. That’s a good enough reason to STOP having pre conceived notions, excuses and this behavior where we treat them in inhuman ways that we have now become unconciously; used to. They don’t deserve it. In world where people want to look look after tons of pets, treating a human the same way will just be so much better.

 13. Meet Priyanka Chopra. I love people with a lil bit of Sass. I think she’ll like me.

14. Hit 10,000 subscribers

15. Write a column in a leading newspaper / magazine.

16. Learn to ride a proper Mardon Wala bike. 

Updated on 16th Oct,2017-

I want to go on a solo trip! (Now that I have watched so many Solo trip video vlogs on YouTube, I believe there is nothing more exciting than this! Check out Sejal Kumar’s Euro Solo Trip video on YouTube if you want to know why I am so excited about it!!)


2016 was amazing! Some unexpected things happened and some forgotten dreams just came alive and were ticked off my list. But the BEST ONE was-

I had dressed up like Charlie Chaplin in school when I was 7 or 8 , for a fancy dress competition and though I din’t win it, it brought in me a desire to meet the real him. When I realized that he was dead, I still wanted to meet him. I had to settle for a substitute, but it didn’t feel like a substitute honestly. I just felt like a kid AGAIN!! My mum was absolutely thrilled as you can see, coz she loves him too!

Dreams do come true yaar. Even if it’s 13 years later.


This bucket list is going to be keep changing as time flows.So in case any of you have a bucket list similar to mine or ANY (or many) of our goals match, I would love to check off an item in my bucket list with you. (A lil tweeking here and there is cool) Let me know in the comments below, if you think we could tick off some of them or even together! 

If you have any suggestions, please drop them by in the comments below! Would love to hear you out!


  • HAAY KYA BAAT! – Wowww!
  • Jawani wale din- Youthful days
  • Atyachaar- attrocities
  • Mardon wala- The Bullet Bike
Filling it and living it is probably more important than you think!

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