Crossing Boundaries

“So what are your plans for the upcoming block leave?” asked Ms. Batliboi, directly indicating towards the upcoming long Christmas Break.


The Long weekend is much awaited in the life of a normal MNC employee. This leave comes as a miracle and works as a pressure point for everyone to finish a month’s work in a week.Thus it is the only motivating factor at times when you are working towards finishing that Deadly Tax audit or the Unending Stat Audit of an unbearable client.The topic was a nice break. We all went into that dream world for that 2 minutes, wondering how nice life would be for those 7 days.

“I am spending my New Year’s at LAKSHADWEEP!!” said the Adventure freak colleague. IMPRESSIVE.

“I don’t have any plans yet, but im mostly going to Lonavla..We will stay at a friend’s bungalow” said the SoBo intern. FANCY.

“Meri Bhai ki shaadi hai” said another mad fellow. Baap!! December weddings!! What else do you need in life? I thought.

I had no plans till then, but since I was supposed to answer I just smiled awkwardly and  mumbled- “Ill enjoy with family”.

That was the turning point. I can’t just sit at home and spend the nicest chutti of the year studying to death at home. Lets go out for a change,I thought. (Remember the frustrated #DeepikaPadukoneFeels in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani before going to Manali :P)

But if told directly at home, my parents would probably be like,

“Lets go to Manglore. You are going to be an Akka again! And that too very soon” Nooooo.

That is not going to work. So lets put it nicely.

That evening I casually mentioned at home how nice the South Indian trip (we had been some 7-8 years back) was.SO why not try something new this time. Bahut hogaya Manglore abhi. 

I had probably visited Mangalore more times than Churchgate.

Time to use some God Gifted Brains.

I offered to take my parents to a place that was on their hitlist since quite some time and mine, since school days. Also sponsor it if possible. So there I went with an offer in my hands. They were pleasantly surprised on the FIRST EVER Travel offer EVER made by their daughter. Plus sponsorship bhi. I had to win Boss.

So it was decided. No more growling in the Hot and humid Goan weather.

From now on it would be chilling in Baraff wali Thandi..

And in the best possible times possible.

It was Rajasthan Time Beech.


The above word describes the most fabulous 8 days I have ever had. It was Hard-hitting, An Eye-Opener. Motivator. Storyteller. EVERYTHING.

And I want to share my story with everyone here.

So what is the Reason of sharing this experience?

Where I get to refine my story to each detail possible and also possibly over exaggerate a bit ,only to make it more exciting, reliving each minute of my memory, my friends get to hear a new tale of new place. Also I have been encouraged to write some more and which is why I am hoping that some or rather all of you could relate to it and share your own stories as well,which I am pretty much craving to listen.

So everyone gets to RELIVE those memories , which is the Best Prize anyone could ever possess, in this world of unending hustle and bustle. After all, all that we learn during this EPIC endeavor is much more than any lesson in any History Book, or Course can ever teach.

This experience is SPECIAL for me because:

This experience saw a transition from a Follower to a Dreamer, to a Believer,to an Organizer and Planner, which is what we need to learn these days.

En route ,you will learn to take lead in Investigations, Various Risk Assessments and Strategies and Understanding various types of people and their motives,and Decision Making just like in real business. Itenaries, Places to Visit, Distances, Long routes,Short cuts, Prices, Ticket Confirmations, name it and you will strive to be a Pro in all of it.

You are your own boss (For a change!)

Also you will not only be leading the team (or whoever you travel with) but also be witnessing how Your OWN plans work out. And it will all be archived in your memory for replay later on. There will be some things for review later on..the critical points that is. But then there will be some things which you could resolve on the journey itself.

And the best part is when faced with unknown situations, you start trusting that Gut feeling more often. The more unknown the people and places you are surrounded with,the more you go by your 6th Sense.

It makes you more responsible and for a change you start feeling the pleasurable pain that goes in doing all the planning and execution which Dad used to do since we were kidoss. Kudos to the head of the family for that one!

Another thing. You also learn to take a back seat and go with the flow and perhaps allow someone else to take major decisions. (My Dad was the happiest in this case, and I was more than happy to call the shots). If after a long day of travelling, your driver wants to take a nap midway on the highway, you cant force him to move the car even if you are going to be missing  that awesome Light and Sound show in the evening.

Patience, Understanding, Consent, Sensitivity to others and Tolerance, is what you will realize you have immensely when you freely roam the world. The trip is not only about discovering the new place. It is also about Discovering YOURSELF as well.

Also this trip was special in its own way, because inspite of being warned by literally everyone to book my tickets in advance, I dint do it. TOO MAINSTREAMI thought at that moment.. My trip was more like “Lets see what happens tomorrow” types.

In our head we knew that we would be travelling to Rajasthan, take the best possible roads and shortcuts. But where exactly,when,what time we depart from Place 1 to Place 2 and from there to Place 3 was unknown.

What monument was to be visited when was again a Mystery, since I dint know if I would be meeting the Rathor’s of Jodhpur first or Udai Singh of Udaipur would be a priority.

Where we would stay was even more of an adventure since 90% rooms were booked before hand ( I traveled with my family by road for more than 3000 kms in 8 days. So since we were pretty “Driver Dependent” and were exploring the place for the FIRST time, it made more sense to understand the place first and then decide on what’s next. Running around like a Bloody Hippie was fine for me, not for my parents .But get ready for adventure anyway, cause eventually “Not booking a Place Priorly” led us to spend 2 Nights in the Car Seat rather than a Comfy Soft Bed)

We had only 1 deadline..31st Dec 15..That was the day we had to be back home.

Rest all was supposed to be “SPUR OF THE MOMENT” plan which had a beauty of its own. Time to put that in your bucket list 🙂

Whatever it was,it was worth the effort!

Rajasthan absolutely recommended by Me, like a Million others!

Because, #Naa Jaane Kya Dikh Jaye!


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