Life without You…

Its been 6 months today.

And even today when I think of you , it seems like just yesterday…


My tiny little heaven of happiness, your pure sight was enough to entice me towards you..

Your perfume never failed to draw me and my soul towards beauty that you embodied..

You could please me at all times..Time ceased to exist when we interacted with each other.

Your color, as perfect and pleasant as sunrise, was a spot of optimism and spontaneity..

You were happiness, and happiness knew no bounds, when you were around.

We did have some testing times, some up’s and downs.Maybe I dint see you perfectly every time.. But you always saw me through…No matter what.


The mere thought of having you next to me was enough to entice me to drop the 100 things I had in my head and gladly turn my focus on the 1 thing I could see.You.


You satisfied the hungry soul and soothed the anxious mind. (Body came second) Coming to you made me feel like “Coming Home”And the best part was, you made me happy and more happy ( Happy is an understated word actually..I would rather say..Bliss)

Pure Bliss was being with you at 2 in the morning, watching a Kick Ass Action movie, or at 2 in the noon, post a horrible Math exam. You revived me after a bad day at work. And at times you were the only good thing at work.Trust me.

It was all good. And good things do come to an end.


You had some negatives. Like most of us. And some couldn’t take that.

They were jealous of the love you received. It took only a few minutes for you to spread your love and radiate the happiness to everyone who had the good fortune of being with you.The thought of overpowering you made those villains act like a curse on me. And a hundred others who loved you.


And then they took you away. Far far away.

It was the day I turned 20.

The day I completed my teenager journey. The journey which would not have been as memorable, had it not been for you.

But I dint grieve alone. There were hundreds who accompanied me in my sorrow.Though I was lost in the thought of when I would see you again, I never lost Hope.

I knew you would come back.

Simran fought her way and returned to her Raj.

Zara walked up to Veer.

Dylan and Jamie also got back together (of FWB fame)

So I knew you would too..Hope tested me.

Months later I got the unfair deal.

Crores of rupees were dealt in. To kill you. And to get you back.

After speculations, disbelief’s,rumors and a very long wait.




Here you are. BACK TO LIFE!

Three Cheers for your comeback.

Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Welcome Back Darling!


Welcome back home MAGGI!!! 


Yeah it was a bit melodramatic , I agree, But nothing replaces Maggi and I am dead sure all sane peeplzzz  would agree.

So this post was supposed to be dedicated to the Current generation Favourite, which was soon to be extinct, and had it been so, our next generation would have seen the sale of Maggi in the black market, the way tickets for a banned movie show are sold now..

But thankfully, it hasn’t happened. The ban has been removed. And how could they not. Like how difficult would it be to survive without the most wanted drug for kids of all age..I mean Maggi has been here like forever.

Its been here since 1000 B.C for the 2020 generation, dude!

But had Maggi been a human living in India, like a normal person like us,his life could have definitely been summed up in the following lines:

On His 16th Birthday, Maggi surprises his mom as he comes home from his boarding school :

“Dekho Maa, Mai Aaa gaya!!

Onlookers wonder:

” Sushila ke bete ko dekha?? Kitna Bada hogaya hai “

Girls checking him out gasp:

“Dekho , wo aagaya! Maggi , Oh my darling!”

At the time of the ban, some Naanies would walk upto the officer saying:

“Jis Maggi ne tumhe itne paal poske bada kiya, tumne ussi ko dhoka diya??Kis Mitti ke bane ho tum, Nalayak??”

Just before his death:

“Bhagwaan ke liye mujhe chod do!Maine tumhara kya bigaada hai??”

     Before his Rebirth, Mom would be like:

“Mera Maggi Zaruur Aaega, Aur uss Darinde Officer ko khichke iss chita me daalega” (*Stares intently at the screen)

Maggi returns and fights the Dusht: On his Re-acceptance as a reincarnation of his former self , his followers shout:

“Maggi! Maggi!  

(Random Onlooker shouts, “Aur Maaro , Aur Maaro”)

Maggi’s Gharwapsi: While the Mother cries over the dead Maggi coming back and is speachless, Maggi says:

“Maa, I hate tears…(Sob , sob)

Ek Baar Maagi Pukaarke to Dekho…”


Happy Ending.





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